About Grant Manier

Today’s world is evolving into an Eco-friendly environment and Eco-art is playing a fundamental role in the way people are recycling.

Grant Manier (maun-yay) is a young and talented Eco-artist. While living with autism, he has helped the environment by using recycled items for his work and led the way for special needs skills. Grant creates works of art using magazines, calendars, wallpaper, posters, puzzles and more. Each piece contains thousands of cut and torn pieces of ‘green’ materials. Because he uses cool colors, cool shapes, and cool textures, Grant calls his masterpieces, “COOLAGES”.

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Special Events with Grant

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Grant is an advocate for special needs skills and environmental responsibility. While you have Grant’s Eco-Art pieces at your next event you will raise awareness and money for your essential cause.
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Grant’s Event Calendar

Come out and see Grant at his upcoming events (See calendar). See Grant’s new masterpieces and collection before it goes online. In addition, you will get great deals while at his shows.
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Grant’s Interactive Program

Would you like to have Grant’s Eco-Art featured at your school and/or organization? Watch while Grant demonstrates his talents and techniques for creating beautiful works of art with recycled paper. Also, the students will have an opportunity to work with Grant.

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