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     My name is Grant Manier, I am an author, artist, and special needs advocate.
 I have autism, I consider some of my autism a gift, having autism is not a bad thing, my disability has become my ability to contribute to changing the earth's environment.
 I Paint by Paper
I reduce, reuse, and recycle magazines, calendars, wallpaper, posters, food wrappers, puzzles and more.  Each work of art contains 1000 to over 6000 cut or
pieces of recycled paper. 
I use cool colors,cool shapes and cool textures... 
I call my art "COOLAGES"
Grant Manier (maun-yay), who at a very young age developed an obsessive repetitive behavior for tearing paper, by his early teens began collecting and recycling as a affordable way to continue his passion.
Grant is emerging as one of the most intriguing and captivating young artist today. His Eco-friendly artwork is capturing the attention of his community, gaining national media, he is honored with awards for his eco-impressionism and outstanding contribution to the autism and special needs community. 
                 - 2011 and 2012 Austin Rodeo Eco-Art Grand Champion
                 - 2011-2012 Houston Mayor's Student Advocate of the Year
                 - 2013 Houston's Bayou City Art Festival, New Emerging Artist
                 - 2013 Congressional Art Winner for the 8th District of Texas
                            (Eco-Art of Texas displayed in U.S Capitol)
                 -2013 Waste Management  1st Place Overall Art Competition Artist
 Descriptions of how a recycled art masterpiece is created by Grant   
       See Grant's Eco-Art Gallery for prices and description of art pieces
My Beloved Mt. Rushmore
My Beloved Mt. Rushmore
Grant created Mt. Rushmore using recycled poster board, wallpaper, magazines, books, calendars, and school folders. Over 4500 pieces of recycled paper to complete. This is Grant's most beloved art piece. It inspires him and gives him a great sense of accomplishment.
Grant created this artwork thru inspiration from a horse he rides as part of his autism therapy. Using recycled poster board, magazines, books, and calendars. Over 6000 pieces of recycled paper to create artwork.
   American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle
Grant created this piece of artwork using recycled poster boards, magazines, and calendars. Over 3500 pieces of recycled paper to create artwork.
 Grant's Eco-Art is going to
 New York City, April 14-20

Grant Manier a young man who’s captivated families, individuals,  professionals, and politicians around his State of Texas and the U.S. with his philanthropic efforts and  amazing Eco-Art masterpieces, is going to New York City to showcase his "Eco- Impressionism Art".  Invited by Strokes of Genius, IncHe will be part of the “Train the Talent In Individuals With Autism” along with Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Rosa Martinez.
   Thank you to our Sponsors and Eco-Art collectors for making this possible for Grant!
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Host of "Train the Talent in Individuals with Autism"
Dr. Rosa Martinez with
 Dr. Temple Grandin

Click on link to see a number of Eco-Art Collectors who contributed to Grant's trip to New York City by purchasing his art or donating to the cause.     
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   Interview with ABC Channel 13 on his Congressional Win and his art work
Here is a link to his interview.
Thank you Tom Abraham's for the opportunity to share Grant's talent and message to all your viewers.