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        Grant's Eco-Art -         PAINT BY PAPER.....RECYCLED ARTWORK

"It's not what I can't do that makes me different,
   It's what I can do that makes the difference."

My name is Grant, I am an Eco-artist.
I reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to create beautiful Eco-art masterpiece.  Each work of art contains 1000's of pieces of cut or   torn recycled materials.  I use cool colors, cool shapes and cool textures,  I call my artwork "COOLAGES"

            I am and artists and a special needs advocate.  Why?
I am living with autism, I have daily challenges and struggles,  but my disability has become my ABILITY to contribute to help changing the earth's environment and raise the awareness of special talents among those also living with different abilities.
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            SHARK TANK and WELLS FARGO UPDATE.............

It's been a few weeks since we audition for Shark Tank, haven't heard back. It's like playing the lottery; they choose 150 businesses out of 40,000 auditions to tape in September for the new season. I know Grant impressed the judge with his story and art. If not this time time, and we will have more marketing, sales, and experience to add to our Grant's Eco-Art story, thanks to our Eco-art collectors and future new customers.

We since entered the Wells Fargo Work Project ($25,000 contest) and this is essentially the same pitch we delivered at our Shark Tank audition (minus me sliding in). This contest is based on numbers and recognition. We just entered two days ago...need numbers.

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